Norwegian film composer and vocalist Christine Hals studied music production and film composing in Sweden at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm’s Music Conservatory and in the United States at the University of Southern California. She also studied art and was a skilled painter before she decided to paint with music instead.
Christine is currently living in Santa Monica where she writes music for films, TV shows and computer games and also provides film vocals and pop vocals for other composers.

Among her biggest inspiration is the nature and culture around her. She has in her heart endless memories of standing under billions of stars watching the northern lights dance over the Northern Norwegian winter skies, falling asleep to the sound of distant waterfalls or staying up all night in the bright summer nights of the midnight sun. This is her heritage and her soul, but she has also travelled the world and lived in big cities like Stockholm and Los Angeles where the beautiful landscapes would be replaced with astonishing architecture and street art and the waterfalls with cool jazz or simply city buzz. Christine believes that creativity and your artistic side comes from your soul and your soul is kissed by all the experiences you’ve had and all the people you’ve met. Maybe that’s why her music has such a variety of different cultures, styles and impressions? One day she’s up in the Norwegian mountains singing for goats and the next she’s some place in Africa singing African music. One thing is certain and that is that this young woman is creative, very talented and she’s on her way! She is making her own path, balancing to stay true to herself and creating beautiful music. Lately that has started to pay off, as directors, producers, agents, composers, magazines and people from the United States, Europe and even Japan and China have started noticing her incredible voice both as a singer and a composer.

Christine is graceful, very focused and committed to her work. She has a great understanding for dramaturgy and has a very unique sound. She handles anything from action and drama to adventurous animations as if it was a walk in the park. I’m the first to admit, Christine has truly found her call in life!


Said about Christine’s work….

Jean Michel Jarre – “You’re very dedicated and true to your music. You have a very unique sound and an extraordinary voice. What a range!


Christine spoke to Jean Michel Jarre as he was in LA in the beginning of June, he had listened to her music and seemed to like the Nordic sound of it.  The pioneer JMJ is also a musician and composer whom Christine has a lot of respect and admiration for.


James Newton Howard – “I can’t tell you how much I loved the choral part – it was really good!” about the choir piece “Iarð skal rifna”


I think you’re doing really good work. You have really great instincts for film music, I think you’re gonna be very good!” after listening to several of Christine’s cues.


James Newton Howard is one of Christine’s absolute favorite film composers and it was a dream come true when she was offered a mentorship with him.


Director Jean Barker
Working with Christine is like directing the perfect actor. She asks great questions and understands what the scene is about and what music’s role in it is. Then she surprises you with what she creates, finding moments in the visuals that you never knew were there. She’s always receptive to notes and new approaches to the material. Her passion for the project, musical sensitivity, amazing vocal skills and professionalism make her a pleasure to work with from start to finish.


Photo by: Per Ottar Walderhaug