"Scoring this film gave me the opportunity to honor my grandfather who fought in the Battle of Narvik."

Evacuating Narvik - Victims of War

Scoring this cue, where you see how vulnerable women are at war, I had just seen on the news that the women of Afghanistan were once again left at the hands of extremist Taliban. This shattered my illusion that things had gotten better with time. It made me feel like WWII wasn’t that far away after all. I decided to dedicate this track to all victims of war.

Recording the Pinewood Singers

I used synthesizers, and sampled 1940's weapons and machines, to symbolize Hitler's relentless war machine. The orchestra, and in particular the choir, were the voices of the many victims of war. In some scenes I pushed them to the very edge of what they could handle, where they are the most fragile, just like how I imagine any human would be in a war. Hear how the singers felt recording this music in the clip.

Album Credits

Music composed & produced by:
Christine Hals for the WWII movie «NARVIK»

Music performed by:
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Symphonica Bratislava
Conducted by: Vladimir Martinka

Pinewood Singers
Conducted by: Allan Wilson

Orchestration: Jeremy Borum
Additional Orchestration:
Vladimir Martinka
Solo Horn:
Richard Watkins
Solo Violin:
Alex Rosik
Solo Viola:
Cech Mikolas
Solo Cello:
Jahoda Milos
Solo Bassoon:
Rimsky Stepan
Piano & Solo Vocals:
Christine Hals
Synth Programmer:
Mads Richard Aas Hals
Score Mixer & Music Editor:
Dave Jewerén Moore
Mix Assistant:
Andreas Widegren
Christopher Brooke

Music recorded by

CNSO Studios, Praha
Recording Engineer:
Stanislav Baroch
Pro Tools Engineer:
Martin Maslowski
The Empire Studio, London
Recording Engineer:
Jeremy Murphy
Assistant Recording Engineer:
Laura Beck
Slovak Radio Studio 2, Bratislava
Recording Engineer:
Martin Roller
Assistant Recording Engineer:
Tomas Chren
Album Cover Artwork:
Album Photography:
Eirik Linder Aspelund
Album release by:
© 2022 MTG Music

“I always felt I had to prove myself as a film composer, being a woman in a male dominated industry. Scoring a war movie gave me that chance.”

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