Christine's main instrument is her voice. She's a featured soloist in Disney's Frozen and also a part of the choir singing the score of Chris Beck. Christine used the Scandinavian herding call technique, kulning, in her solos and she is in fact one of the very few authentic herd callers in the world having learned it from her own grandmother as a child.  Christine's kulning later inspired Disney to write a script around kulning for Frozen 2 where she got the part as Norwegian Queen Iduna. 
Christine wrote the Norse lyrics for Heimr Árnadalr which was used in Frozen's Coronation scene. She also guided the choir in the style of ancient Norse singing.

Christine is also a featured soloist on several tracks in League of Legends, the most played video game in the world with 115 million monthly players. Composer Kyle "Kole" Hicks have written songs like Path to Hearth Home in the made up language Freljordian which sounds like a mix between ancient Norse, German and Faroic.

Christine has, in addition to Christophe Beck, done vocal work for film composers like Mark Kilian, Michael Mollo, David Bertok, Max Loh, Ramesh Kumar Kannan, Hilgrove Kenrick, Michael Maas, Sub Pub Music, Duncan Thum, Lance Trevino and many more.

One of her strengths is that she can sing very high, but still piano and even pianissimo which is a rare quality. In the lower ranges her voice becomes breathy and warm. In the lower mid range she has her rock n' roll voice. Improvisation is one of her strengths and her voice is very flexible.

Sweden is well known for their high standard classical choirs and of course Christine sang in one while living in Stockholm.
She was 1st Soprano in S:t Matteus Choir singing pieces by Mozart, Martin, Brahms, Sandström and many more.

Vocal range - Low C#3 to high F#6 - 3,5 octaves

Styles - Classical - Pop (from Kate Bush - to Tina Turner) - Filmic style playing on high or low registers - Belting (powerful chest voice singing) - Musical - Norwegian/Swedish Folk Music - Jazz

Norwegian kulning - a powerful high pitched singing used to call home cattle from the mountains, communicate over fjords or to scare wild animals. Christine made her own call to the Northern Lights of Norway.

Overtone singing


Languages- German - ancient Norse (the Viking language) - Latin - English - Swedish - Norwegian - Danish -(Italian - French)

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