Beyond Hope, I Still Won’t Give Up

Documentary on swedish immigration politics. Aida refuses to accept that Sweden expels people to countries which cannot guarantee their safety. Refusing to turn a blind eye to Sweden’s inhumane asylum politics, she struggles for the right of asylum-seekers to residence permits in Sweden. A film about courage, about not giving up in the face of hopelessness.

Original title - Där inget hopp finns, ger jag inte upp
Part of a 6 episode TV-series on Swedish state channel SVT.
Language Swedish

Interview with Aida who spends all her time preventing deportations.
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Interview with an immigrant who endangered his life not helping the Al qaeda blow up American soldiers. He will be deported to Iraq where death awaits him.


Director Anna Padilla
Editor Johanna Perhult
Sound Designer Andreas Andersson
Music Composer Christine Hals
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