The film is ultimately about self-empowerment and freedom through spiritual awakening. The film also aspires to reflect upon traditional notions of sexuality with regards to ideas surrounding the value of virginity, but also modern sexuality as it exists within the digital realm. In this sense, the film will draw from both “old worlds” and “new worlds.” Under the pressure of the closing bidding war for her virginity, our main character (Valentina) will shed traditional values of sexuality and reclaim her sexuality as her own. Her awakening will extend towards her rejection of the concept of the world constructed for her and her hope that something lies beyond the war-torn country that has been depicted for her. She will ultimately choose to risk everything to realize her spiritual awakening. At the beginning of the film, Valentina is the institutionalized living dead. At the end of the film, she is fully alive.

Directed by Katelyn Foley
Produced by Jill Collymore
Music by Christine Hals & Sebastian Örnemark
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