Showreel Film Composer Christine Hals

Scandinavian Film Composer Christine Hals

Although most known for calling the snow in Disney’s Frozen with her kulning or for singing Path to Hearth-Home for League of Legends, Christine is first and foremost a film composer.
She holds a Masters degree in Film Scoring from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and a Graduate Certificate from the SMPTV program at USC Thornton in Los Angeles. It was at the recording sessions at the latter education that Christine was headhunted by Disney to perform her unique herding calls, and to write ancient Norse lyrics for the choir piece Heimr Árnadalr in Frozen. She lives and works in Venice, Los Angeles, but spends several months of the year in her home country, Norway, where she likes to draw back into the family’s cabin in the mountains to compose.

Her compositional style ranges from adventurous animation scores, epic orchestral sci-fi and action music, to more subtle drama. She often plays on her Scandinavian heritage and has scored and sang on several viking themed productions. Christine was mentored by James Newton Howard (Hunger Games) and have studied conducting by legends like David Newman and Conrad Pope. She has also worked closely with composers like Christophe Beck(Frozen) and Mark Kilian. Directors describe her as very easy to work with and with a great intuition for story telling.


“You’re very dedicated and true to your music. You have a very unique sound and an extraordinary voice. What a range!”
Jean Michel Jarre – super star and pioneer

“I can’t tell you how much I loved the choral part – it was really good!” … “I think you’re doing really good work. You have really great instincts for film music, I think you’re gonna be very good!”
James Newton Howard – Film Composer

“Working with Christine is like directing the perfect actor. She asks great questions and understands what the scene is about and what music’s role in it is. Then she surprises you with what she creates, finding moments in the visuals that you never knew were there. She’s always receptive to notes and new approaches to the material. Her passion for the project, musical sensitivity, amazing vocal skills and professionalism make her a pleasure to work with from start to finish,”
Jean Barker – Writer/Director

​“Christine breathes life into every scene she scores. On each of our five collaborations, she’s found a true and unique way to musically write the subtext of the story. In addition to Christine’s wide musical range and ample story telling abilities, she is a joyful collaborator who is wholly dedicated to excellence and always delivers.”
Abi Damaris Corbin – Director/ Producer
"Christine was not only a pleasure to work with, but literally saved my film. Golden Boy is my first feature film and I was very nervous working with a composer on the score.  She is not only knowledgeable about music, but also knowledgeable about the emotional impact of each scene. Golden Boy is a gay themed film which needed a composer with the sensitivity and versatility to score intimate love scenes, fear, violence, rape, betray, and in the end murder, and she did so elegantly. Through all of our conversations she taught me so much about music and brought everything that she touched a life. Where my film was weak, she strengthened it. Christine was open to my ideas and brought so many ideas to the table. One of her other strengths, is her ability to deliver on what she promises. As deadlines loomed, her music helped me edit the film to be as sharp and tight as possible. Whenever I needed her to help me find my way when I was lost, she was there for me. I start my second film this fall and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. I feel truly blessed to have her score my film and call her my friend."
Stoney Westmoreland - Director/Actor/Producer

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