The Stateless

Documentary about stateless people. What are the similarities between Sapmi and Kurdish people? One is that they both are split between 4 different countries. Another is that they are supressed in different ways. The Sapmi cannot live the way they used to, close to the nature, as easily as they’d want. The Kurds are chased a lot and often taken away basic their human rights.

The short film “De statslösa/The Stateless” depicts a meeting between two men. Saman who is Kurdish came to Sweden as a refugee from Kurdistan and Aslat is a Sami who also lives in Sweden. Both are stateless and indigenous. What more do they have in common? What do they need? And what can they learn from each other?

Original title: De statslösa
Duration: 27 min
Language: Swedish

Director Saman Hosseini
Editor Max Arehn
Sound Designer Nils Olsson
Composer Christine Hals
Close project